This article will help you:

  • Implement one line of code to run Optimizely on your site
  • Get quick optimization ideas to start out
  • Use six key steps to run great experiments

What is Experience Optimization?

Optimizely is an Experience Optimization platform that lets you test experiences with actual visitors, learn from them, and deliver targeted experiences based on what you learned. 

What do we mean by "test experiences"? A/B Testing, also known as split testing, is a method of optimization that lets you run two (or more) versions of an experience to compare which is more effective at achieving your conversion goals.

Visitors are randomly bucketed into one version ("A") or the other ("B"). By measuring how visitors interact — for example: clicking a button, viewing a page, watching a video, submitting a form, or completing a purchase  — you can determine which version is most effective at achieving your conversion goals.