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Everything you need to learn Optimizely X in one place: See our resource pages for Web Experimentation and Personalization.


Optimizely X Web Transition Guide2

Optimizely X Web
Transition Guide
Welcome to your one-stop resource for transitioning to Optimizely X

If you’re using Optimizely Classic, you can enable Optimizely X in any project by making one simple change in your Project Settings -- no further implementation required. This guide will help you try out the new features, learn best practices, set yourself up for long-term success with Optimizely X.

Use this guide to:
  • Learn new concepts in Optimizely X
  • Transition your Optimizely Classic implementation to Optimizely X
  • Take advantage of new features in Optimizely X

Not sure if you have access to Optimizely X? Contact the Optimizely Sales team to find out.

Here are the major steps for your transition to X:
Implement Optimizely X

You can use our quickstart guide to get your first experiment up and running, but we recommend taking time to set up Optimizely X for long-term success.

Build an Optimizely X experiment

There are a few different ways to learn to use Optimizely X. We recommend that you attend a virtual training session, but you can also take a self-paced course.

Results Review

You’ve launched your experiment and collected data. Now you’re ready to take action on your results. The Optimizely Results page helps you make impactful business decisions. Make the most of your data with the resources below.

Complete the transition
  • Rebuild Classic experiments: Experiments in Optimizely Classic and Optimizely X aren't shared across platforms. If you have long-running "hot fixes" or "experiments" where 100% traffic is sent to a single variation, recreate them in Optimizely X so your site experience is seamless.
  • Switch to standalone snippet: Once you have migrated your experiments from Classic to X, you can enable the Optimizely X only snippet to complete your transition to X.
Grow your optimization program

As you master Optimizely X, consider advancing your experimentation mindset. Share your results with others and celebrate your wins. Get involved and build your expertise with the resources below.

  • Share your results: Maximize the impact of your testing program by sharing what you learn with stakeholders, including developers and executives.
  • Get certified: Once you have a solid understanding of the Optimizely X platform, demonstrate your expertise with an Optimizely User or Developer Certification.
  • Learn the Optimization Methodology: Use this framework to build a high-velocity, impactful, and sustainable experimentation program.
  • Practice your ideation skills: Practice your ideation skills with other optimizers in this ideation workshop. Review Optimizely's Problem, Solution, Result framework for developing data-driven experiment ideas; then work through two real website examples to generate hypotheses as a group.