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Everything you need to learn Optimizely X in one place: See our resource pages for Web Experimentation and Personalization.


Optimizely X Full Stack Resources

Optimizely X
Full Stack Resources
Welcome to the help guide for Optimizely X Full Stack.

Full Stack allows product teams to run experiments anywhere in your technology stack. You can deploy code behind feature flags, experiment with A/B tests, and rollout or rollback features immediately. All of this functionality is available with zero performance impact via easy-to-use SDKs.

Want to get started building and running experiments, and learning from your results? Check out our Full Stack documentation for in-depth coverage of every stage of the Full Stack experimentation lifecycle. Or start with a six-minute Full Stack demo.

Get started with our SDKs:

Check out our developer docs for everything you need to know about the Full Stack SDK.

Meet Optimizely Full Stack
  • Watch a webinar about the benefits of unified server and client-side testing, why you should experiment throughout the product lifecycle, and how to test applications developed with Python, Java, Ruby, Node, PHP, JavaScript.

    Read our whitepaper on feature flagging to learn on how to ship products faster, with less risk and more control. 
Define experiments
Debug experiments
Get results
Join the conversation and
learn more

Ask questions about Optimizely's SDKs and learn how to make your app more engaging in the Optiverse Community for Developers.

You can also check out our iOS and Android and tvOS and Android TV documentation.