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Everything you need to learn Optimizely X in one place: See our resource pages for Web Experimentation and Personalization.


Optimizely Partner Enablement Guide

Optimizely Partner Enablement Guide
Welcome to your one-stop resource for Optimizely Partner Enablement

On this page you can find out how you can sign up at our Partner Portal, register deals, get Optimizely certified, and get access to your own Sandbox Account. You will get access to a structured guide on how to onboard your teams to Optimizely. This will help set yourself up for long-term success with Optimizely X.

If you have feedback on this guide, please send an email to We're happy to what improvements we can make!

Use this guide to find out how to:
  • Sign up at our Partner Portal
  • Register deals
  • Find Optimizely Resources
  • Get Optimizely certified!
  • Request your own Free Partner Sandbox Account
  • Learn how to onboard your teams to Optimizely
    • Separate learning tracks for people specializing in:
      • Sales/Account/Marketing
      • Strategy/Analysis
      • Developer

Looking to build a custom analytics integration between Optimizely and your customer's analytics platform of choice? Have a look at our custom analytics integrations in Optimizely X article.

Below is the information you'll need to kick-start becoming a successful Optimizely Community Partner

Sign the Partner Contract

By now, you should be in touch with your Partner Manager. Please work with them to make sure that you sign the Partner Contract before moving forward. 

Sign up at our Partner Portal

If you haven't signed up yet, you'll need to sign up at our Partner Portal to get access to things such as: registering deals, get access to your Free Partner Sandbox Account and our guide on how to enable your teams to work successfully with our Optimizely X solution. Details for those are in this guide. Please make sure you first sign the Partner Contract before moving forward.

If you'd like to register a deal which is time-sensitive, please reach out to your partner manager, or if you're not sure, reach us at

Please sign up at our Partner Portal.

Register a deal

You can register/submit a deal in two ways:

  • Talk to your partner manager and register the deal together
  • Register the deal yourself

For registering the deal yourself, you'll have to have access to our Partner Portal. You'll get access to our Partner Portal after you signed the Optimizely partner contract.

On the homepage of our Partner Portal, you can click on the blue "Register Optimizely Deals" button. Anywhere else in the portal, you can click on the "Partner Deals" button in the menu bar in the left-hand side of the page. See screenshot to the right.

On the Partner Deals page, click the "Deal Reg" button on the right side of the screen. See second screenshot to the right.


Optimizely Resources


  • We have Optimizely Certification Exams for you to showcase your proficiency with the Optimizely platform and key concepts of optimization, both within Optimizely and externally.
  • Our certifications are tied to an Optimizely account. When you take your certifications, please make sure that you take them while you're logged in into your Partner Sandbox Account. 

Request Free Partner Sandbox Account

  • Once you've signed the partner contract and Partner Agreement, and have registered a deal with us that has been qualified, you can request a Free Partner Sandbox Account. This account is meant for training purposes only, as stipulated in the partner contract. Here are the steps to acquire your sandbox account:
  1. Sign the Partner Contract and Partner Agreement

  2. On the Optimizely trial page, sign up for a new Optimizely Trial account with the email address

  3. Send an email to with the email address under which you created your account. If the Partner Agreement is signed, we will convert your account to a Free Partner Sandbox Account

Enable your teams to work with Optimizely

We have a structured guide for our partners, on how to enable your teams to work successfully with our Optimizely X solution, which you can access through our Partner Portal.  This guide provides learning content, structured by which team role should consume what content, on what timelines, with verifiable milestones.

Hours estimates are guidelines and certain sections may be longer or shorter for some agency team members. We assume no prior exposure to an optimization program, but some measure of professional experience in their field. Optimizely Partner Portal access is required. All agency team members should request access for their own individual use (access granted usually within 24 hours).

Assumption is that there are dedicated specialists to execute a division of labor; particularly, software development professional skills are a prerequisite for much of ‘Developer’ content. There may be overlap with certain roles depending on your organizational structure.