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Everything you need to learn Optimizely X in one place: See our resource pages for Web Experimentation and Personalization.

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Build an Experiment in Six Steps
Learn the essentials of building an experiment in six short steps.
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Help Video Library
Explore Optimizely’s key features with this library of short video tutorials.
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Testing Ideas
Jumpstart your optimization journey with this list of high-impact test ideas.
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Get Started: Web Optimization
Optimize your website. This guide has everything you need to set up Optimizely and start testing.
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Get Started: Mobile Optimization
Optimize your mobile apps. This guide has everything you need to set up Optimizely and start testing.
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Developer Docs
Visit our developer docs, which contain code samples, FAQs, and more on the REST and JS API.
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Explore the Knowledge Base

Welcome to Optimizely. Use our Getting Started guides, FAQs, and video tutorials to get your program off the ground.
Implement the Optimizely snippet, manage projects and collaborators.
Integrate Optimizely with your CMS, analytics platforms, tag managers, third-party data, and more.
Generate ideas for experimentation, build a strategic roadmap, and grow your optimization program.
Build experiments and campaigns with Optimizely’s Editor or custom code.
Use pages, URL Targeting, audiences, traffic allocation to decide who sees your experiments and campaigns, and where they’ll run.
Measure the success of your experiments and campaigns with click, pageview, custom and revenue tracking events and goals.
Make sure that campaigns and experiments look and work the way you'd like, before publishing them live to the world.
Find and troubleshoot common issues.
Interpret the Results page, learn how the Optimizely Stats Engine works, and take action on your results.
Change your email and password, check your plan type and features, and protect your account.

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Optimizely X Web Personalization Resources
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